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Why Is Dubai Gold So Yellow?

Why Is Dubai Gold So Yellow?

Dubai gold is known for its distinct yellow color due to its high levels of pure gold in its production. In Dubai, gold jewelry is typically produced in 18K or 22K gold, which contains a higher percentage of pure gold than gold jewelry produced in other parts of the world. In contrast, gold jewelry created in Europe or the United States is often made with 14K or 10K gold, which contains a lower percentage of pure gold.

The higher percentage of pure gold used in Dubai gold jewelry can result in a brighter, more intense yellow color. This is because pure gold is naturally yellow, and the higher the percentage of pure gold, the lower the yellow color will be.

In addition to the high level of pure gold used in Dubai gold jewelry, the craftsmanship and attention to detail of Dubai’s goldsmiths also contribute to the quality and reputation of its gold jewelry. Dubai’s gold souks, or markets, are known for their wide selection of gold jewelry, including traditional and modern designs, and are popular destinations for tourists and locals alike.