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Can You Melt Down Gold To Make Jewelry?

Can You Melt Down Gold To Make Jewelry?

Yes, you can melt down gold to make jewelry. It is part of the process. The temperature is 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit or 1064 degrees Celcius, and that is where pure gold starts to melt. 14-karat gold is not 100% pure gold; pure gold is 24 karats, and 14-karat gold requires a lower range of around 1550 degrees. 18 karats are about 1875 degrees Fahrenheit. 10 karats of gold are about 160 degrees.

Some slight variations may differ between white gold and yellow gold. Melting the gold requires nothing more than something to melt it in. You can usually buy a crucible for about $100; however, we don’t recommend doing chains because of the impurities in the metal. When we cast a piece of gold jewelry, we use something called virgin gold, meaning it’s gold that has never been cast before. You get a far superior casting result with new, fresh, refined gold than scrap gold.